A Quick Start Guide to Success

A Quick Start Guide to Success

A friend of mine, who for years has been whining about not being successful, inspired this post. It’s a quick start guide to success. I will dispense with my usual long windedness and just lay out the bare steps. After reading this, you will know everything you need to know to reach your goals. If you still don’t, it’s your own damn fault. Stop blaming the world and making excuses.

  1. Chose an area you want to be successful in.

Ideally, chose something you already have a “passion” for. By passion, I don’t mean some vague dream that just popped into your head. A passion is something that is already in your life in some form for the last couple of years. By this, we want to make sure your chosen area provides enough built-in incentive to help you make it through the hard times. You can never work against pleasure for long so don’t even bother trying.

  1. Define a minimum daily action.

If you want to get good at something, you have to do it daily, in order to build that activity into a habit. Why? Because the cornerstone of success is consistent, repeated action, period. If you still dream about earth shattering changes overnight, you need to stop being an idiot and read this article. Also, we want to come up with the absolute minimum amount of action required for success to occur. If you want to get fit, this might be “go to the gym and do at least one set of squats to failure.” If you want to learn the guitar it might be “pick up instrument and practice the basic pentatonic scale for 10 minutes (set a timer).” Define the minimum to avoid the trap of starting out with radical effort and burning yourself out in the process.

  1. Stick with it.

Success takes time, much more time than anyone of us would like, because we are so addicted to instant gratification. If you can’t overcome this addiction, you don’t deserve success. But, at the same time, time is also the magic multiplier. Do your well chosen, minimum daily action long enough and success is inevitable. By that I mean: you CANNOT fail, unless you break the chain. If you stick with your minimum daily action, success is guaranteed, as sure as gravity or other natural laws work.

  1. Stop being a weakling.

Sooner or later, you will feel the urge to start fidgeting. You will want to change your minimum daily action around all the time. You will want to take a break from your self-set course to “regroup your thoughts” or some other lame excuse to break the chain. You will feel like you deserve the occasional treat to relax. This can mean one of two things: either your minimum daily action is still not minimal enough and your initial good intentions are starting to wane in the face of the amount of daily work – then you need to reduce further. Or you already are at the bare minimum necessary to see success, but you are still whining – then you finally need to grow-up and be honest with yourself. Do you really want this? The only way to reach your goal is with consistent, repeated action, so stop whining. You don’t want this bad enough? Then admit to yourself that success is simply not your thing, that you would rather spend your time relaxing, daydreaming, hanging out with friends, having fun, etc. That is okay too. But stop wasting your time and the time of others by deluding yourself otherwise.

There you have it, the quick start guide to success applies to any area of life. Stop looking for the magic bullet, stop making excuses and get with the program. Or at least shut up. It’s your choice.


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