Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

It’s this time of the year again: holiday season. We are buying crap for other people that they don’t need, we are gorging on food that will make us sick and we will all pretend to be one happy familiy, just this one time of the year. Aren’t I the cheerful type… But inevitably, as New Year’s Eve comes around, we will get to the point where we have seriously had enough of it. All this mindless consumerism leaves a shallow aftertaste. You can only stand your crazy relatives for so long and if you eat one more heap of Swedish meatballs you will probably throw up at Aunt’s Molly’s feet. Serves her right, you never liked her Pecan pie.

No, enough is enough. Now is the time for change: Loose weight! Stop smoking! Start reading! Find a boyfriend! A change-embracing, resolute mob will storm the fitness studios of this world, buy the latest eSmoking gadget, order a bunch of self help books from Amazon and create a profile on match.com. We’ve got this, I can feel it! This year is going to be different!

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Incremental Change

Radical Effort vs. Incremental Change

If you are interested in self improvement (otherwise, why would you be reading this blog…), I’m sure you have experienced the following process: You come across a certain idea that completely sets you on fire. Maybe it’s working out to become more muscular or maybe it’s starting your own location independent business or maybe even learning how to talk to girls. Regardless, you get really excited about it. Then suddenly there seems to be a whole new realm of possibilities and you throw yourself into it. You read anything you can get your hands on about the subject. You start talking to friends about it. You join a gym / you start a website / you go out on the streets and talk to strangers. You go full force and give it everything you have. And the world seems great, because you are actually doing it! You are going after what you truly want and that feels liberating and inspiring.

This lasts for about two months or so…

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