Tunisian Hottie

When I’m not doing the digital nomad thing, I am usually back in Munich, studying and daygaming. Here, the daygame can become as much of a chore as the studying: I just don’t like German girls, for the most part. Too plain, too masculine acting, and too boring. There are of course some very pleasant exceptions, but the aforementioned tendencies are definitely there.

So imagine my delight when I was strolling down the street last week and saw a complete, utter stunner of an exotic girl walking by me. I try to avoid the number system, as it is highly subjective anyways, but let me put it like this: I’m out on the streets EVERY day – and I maybe see a girl like this once a month here in Germany. Maybe. She is tall, slender, dressed all in black designer clothes and of course wearing outrageous high heels – my type down to a T. Her face and her hair are so beautiful; for once, I’m glad I’m recording the set.

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“First” Post

Inspired by Krauser’s recent post “The Player’s Journey Blog“, I decided to get with the program and revive my own daygame blog. The idea from now on is to really chronicle my daygame development, focusing on sticking points and fuck-ups in order to eventually overcome them. I did this once in the past for a 30-day-challenge type of thing and it was very helpful, much more so than my other attempts at writing a pick-up related blog. In the most recent case, I ended up writing about too many other things besides pick-up and as a byproduct, gave in to the temptation of telling non-pick-up people about the blog. Big mistake. It’s much harder to admit to your daygame worries and fiascos when you know your non-pick-up colleagues and friends are reading your blog as well.

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