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Inspired by Krauser’s recent post “The Player’s Journey Blog“, I decided to get with the program and revive my own daygame blog. The idea from now on is to really chronicle my daygame development, focusing on sticking points and fuck-ups in order to eventually overcome them. I did this once in the past for a 30-day-challenge type of thing and it was very helpful, much more so than my other attempts at writing a pick-up related blog. In the most recent case, I ended up writing about too many other things besides pick-up and as a byproduct, gave in to the temptation of telling non-pick-up people about the blog. Big mistake. It’s much harder to admit to your daygame worries and fiascos when you know your non-pick-up colleagues and friends are reading your blog as well.

To top it off, I, like most narcissistic PUAs, have a strong tendency to give out too much advice, when I should really be criticizing my own skillset. Everybody wants to be looked upon as an expert, but giving into that just means cutting your own development short. I’m not nearly at the level where I want to be yet, so I need to make a point to stop acting like I have all the answers. This blog should be about learning daygame first, and everything else second.

Alright, to sum it all up, I hereby officially vow that:

  1. This blog is only going to be about my personal daygame journey
  2. I’ll only tell guys about this blog who also at some point have done pick-up or are still doing it
  3. I’ll hold off on giving advice to other people, at least for a while

Sticking to these vows, I will hopefully be able to stay as honest to myself with this blog as possible: Admitting to the daygame weasels, analyzing the bad sets, realizing my own personal shortcomings – all that good stuff.

A warning: The next post is going to be a kind of status quo analysis, and not an action post yet. But I want to start out with this to lay the groundwork. The idea is to do another one of these reports every other month or so, but I promise the remaining posts will mainly be tales and observations from the cold harsh streets.

Let the navel-gazing begin.

One thought on ““First” Post

  1. > I, like most narcissistic PUAs, have a strong tendency to give out too much advice

    It’s sentences like these that make up your really authentic, enjoyable and relatable writing style in my eyes. Please keep it up.

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