Meeting Krauser in Prague

Meeting Krauser in Prague

So I’m walking around Namesti Republiky on a sunny afternoon, looking for some sets, and I see another dude doing a classic Yad stop to a slim, beautiful girl in a blue dress. Always interested in seeing how other PUAs do their spiel, I take a second glance and suddenly stop dead in my tracks: “Wait a minute — I know this guy. That’s Krauser!”

That, my friends, is the beauty of YouTube. You recognize people you’ve never even met.

I decide to say hello right then and there, but unfortunately for me — and fortunately for Nick — the set goes very well and he runs off with the pretty girl for an instant date. Definitely living up to the hype, I start thinking and decide to contact Krauser later on through his blog, just for shits and giggles.

As you may or may not know, Nick Krauser is kind of a controversial legend in the daygame world. On the one hand, he is the man responsible for writing the undisputed daygame “bible”. When he published “Daygame Mastery”, Krauser singlehandedly turned the London daygame model into an international phenomenon. On the other hand, Krauser isn’t exactly a diplomatic guy… His writing is often aggressive and very in-your-face, at times bordering on the mysogonistic / manosphere side of things. I’m not even going to start on his Twitter account….

So I had very mixed impressions of Krauser prior to meeting him. I couldn’t help but admire his daygame skills. But on a personal level, I figured he was kind of a dick.

Anyway, nothing is black and white. I’ll admit I’ve misjudged people in the past, so I went ahead and suggested meeting up. To my surprise, he had no reservations; he sent me his number and we agreed on meeting the very next day. Seems nice enough, I thought.

I’d figured we’d meet up for a coffee, maybe do an hour of daygame together and then go our separate ways — but that wasn’t even close to what went down. What happened instead was a four-day marathon of daygame, six to eight hours each day. It was an immersive experience, to say the least: countless sets, many of them going very well, lots of deep level analysis, idates, regular dates, what have you. The guy lives and breathes game; he really can’t help it. I thought I was pretty extreme, but here I found someone who had truly made daygame his life’s mission. You can already tell that I couldn’t help but be impressed.

But let’s start at the beginning. Appearance-wise, seeing Nick Krauser, you probably wouldn’t expect him to be one of the most infamous seducers around. He is a little bit below average height, pretty fit but not big, bald, and not in his 20’s anymore, either. But it’s exactly these average features that make his skill set so impressive: he will approach pretty girls 20 years younger than him and consistently get the close. For most guys his age, that’s pretty damn close to magic.

That’s not the thing I found the most interesting, though. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty damn impressive seeing a guy like Krauser closing eight to ten attractive girls off the street in a single day. But I’ve seen a select few people do so before, and I have occasionally done so myself. What I found truly fascinating was the level of analysis that went into this, before and after the sets. Krauser is a guy who can both do AND contemplate. That I have almost never seen in other PUAs — it’s either great game or great mental masturbation, but rarely the synthesis of doing and knowing.

The other thing that really stood out about Krauser was his willingness to push the set. He is like a hunting dog in that respect, always going for the kill. If he sees a girl he fancies, he will approach her. Once he’s gone in, he’ll start escalating the set right there on the street. And if the girl goes along with it, he will go for the instant date, and so forth — all the way up to his bedroom. Ideally, for Krauser, this whole process will take place in two hours or less — THAT really is his mindset. He approaches every set with the goal of following through; right here, right now. In a single word, he’s relentless.

For me personally, this relentlessness was probably the biggest inspiration I got from him, precisely because my own game is so different from his. Where Nick approaches a variety of girls, I only go for a very specific type: slutty, over-the-top, stripper-type girls. Where Nick pushes the set from the get go, I scan for a long time, to make sure the girl is truly interesting to me — otherwise I won’t want to spend time with her. Also, I only go for the instant date if I’m completely smitten on the spot. In most cases, I don’t bother. In essence, where Nick is the hunting dog, I’m the spoiled poodle expecting the girls to chase me… Both approaches work, but since I’ve met Nick, I have really started to wonder if maybe I should go back to actively pushing for the lay more, instead of being such a cherrypicker. It’s definitely something to contemplate on.

And everything else? The manosphere tendencies? The Krauser rudeness? Surprisingly, it hardly came up. If anything, I have come suspect that Nick is consciously putting people off online. I think it’s an effort to polarize with his writing, since he’s completely normal and friendly in person. I remember one episode in particular: a guy with hardly any English skills approaches us, obviously a tourist, and asks for directions. Nick helps him out, but after a minute he realizes he could have been more precise. He turns back to the guy and gives him better directions. I wonder if I’d have done the same thing, or if I’d have been too lazy — I suspect the latter.

In essence, I hope it wasn’t the last time I’ll see him around. Good daygamers are a rare breed, and excellent ones are practically non-existent. If you get a chance to hang out with Krauser, I suggest you do so.

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