Recording Your Sets

Recording Your Sets

How to do it

A few weeks ago, I started recording my daygame sets with a hidden body cam. I’d been thinking about doing so for years, and had even tinkered around with it occasionally. My first try was with one of those cheap Chinese spy cameras from Amazon, but the quality was so abysmal that I threw the thing away after only a few unsuccessful sessions. It was the Blair Witch Project all over again — completely distorted footage with terrible audio. Needless to say, I abandoned the idea for awhile.

Then I gave it another try, and I really did my research the second time around. I looked into professional manufacturers for law enforcement agencies. I called a few shops, too. In the end, I decided to go for a full-blown version of what undercover journalists use: a high quality hidden camera, tucked away in a pinhole, which can be attached to your button-up shirt. From there, a cable wraps around the body to a person’s back. It’s hooked up to a cell phone-sized recording unit with a display, which is in turn placed in the back pocket of your pants. On top of the device, you have an additional cable slung around you, too, with a small high-end microphone at the end.

You may already know the problem with this option. While it works just fine, it’s a bitch to set up every time you leave the house to do a few sets. Plus it forces you to wear a button-up shirt on a near-daily basis, which just isn’t my style. In essence, I let this idea go, too.

That is, until I went to New York for three months of hardcore daygaming. I was still convinced that revisiting my sets and analyzing them would be a great learning tool, so I gave the idea one last try. After visiting three New York spy shops, and spending hours online and talking to different daygamers, I finally bought this:

Spy Pen Camera HD500

Appearance-wise, I wasn’t too crazy about going with the pen option. I would much rather have gone for a spy cam hidden in some electronic device, like an MP3 Player or a Bluetooth headset lookalike. These options exist, but from a technical point of view, they are total crap — it’s the same story as the cheap China spy cam I bought beforehand. The pen I have now — and that I have been using for several weeks — really works:

• It’s a stand-alone unit that is easy to set up, without any weird cables — you just wear a denim shirt with with a chest pocket.
• The camera hole is so small and unobtrusive that it’s hardly noticeable, even if you are standing very close to someone.
• Unlike other models, there are no blinking lights while recording.
• The footage records in true HD and the audio is crystal clear, both for her voice and your own.

In summary, it’s a self-obsessed daygamer’s wet dream come true…

Why you should do it

This brings me to my next point: why you should start recording your own sets — at least if you are serious about becoming a good daygamer.

The thing is, it’s tough to get good on your own. Game is such a challenging project, both on emotional and technical levels, and most people give up before they reach any significant level of proficiency. On top of that, good instructors are very hard to find, not to mention that they are almost never available on a long-term basis — at least not unless you are able to to spend insane amounts of money and/or move to London.

Essentially, you are completely left to your own devices.

This is where the hidden cam comes in. It allows you to actually gain an outsider’s perspective on your game. Detached from the emotions of the present, you can look at your actions in set and really see what reactions they cause. You can identify all your little quirks, like talking too much, failing to control your tonality, misreading her IOIs and more. It’s a never-ending source of improvement.

Ever since I started using my hidden cam, analyzing the footage of my sets has made all the difference. I feel like having this additional feedback loop has allowed me to compress several months’ worth of learning into just a few weeks or days. It’s nothing less than an eye-opening experience, and at times tough one. I mean, initially, listening to all the crap I say when a beautiful woman is around made me cringe and want to hide under the next stone until the sun goes down. This embarrassment, though, is exactly what will force you to improve much faster: there is no lying to the camera. Embrace it, because you may have found the very best tool for improving your game. Is it a little bit of an extra effort? Yes. Will most people, after reading this article, begin recording their sets? No. Should you stand out and do it anyway? Heck, yeah.

Do your daily sets, record them, analyze them in writing and watch yourself improve.

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  1. This is only semi-related, but are you aware of any good options for recording, uh, bedroom activities? I know some gamers do this and I have been meaning to keep a visual record of my successes for some time. I have seen bedside clock cams on the internet that look promising, as well as other models, but am not sure how noticeable these things would be.

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