Some Resources

Some Resources

I gave a talk at the local RSD group here in Munich yesterday and thought I would write up some of the resources I mentioned. So here we go.


Hands down, the two best daygamers out there. Do yourself a favor and check out their stuff – most of it is free.

Nick Krauser

Tom Torero

Both of them have excellent YouTube channels, which you can find here and here.

Red Pill Living

As problematic as I still find most of the manosphere, I do like the red pill analogy. If you are interested in not just daygame, but how to reassess your life in general, I would start with this article by Bodi:

Unexpected Consequences of Taking the Red Pill


The two books I am about to recommend are very blue pill in tone and scope, but the underlying ideas are still spot on. Just transfer them to daygame.

The Slight Edge

The One Thing

Recording Yourself

As I mentioned several times during the talk, I’m a huge fan of recording my sets and analyzing them afterwards. This is the spy camera I use:

1080P HD Extreme Spy Pen Camera HD500

One of my best investments in recent years.

Getting Started as a Copywriter

These are the two sites I used to score most of my jobs as a location independent copywriter:

Texterjobbörse (good for getting your first jobs and building some references)

Das Auge (more professional than Texterjobbörse, also better paying, but you’ll need some references first)

Figuring Out Health and Fitness

I mentioned the paleo / primal diet a few times; this is my favorite blogger on the subject and a very good place to get started:

Mark’s Daily Apple

Besides working out regularly, one of the best things you can do to your body is following a daily mobility routine. This way, I was able to reverse a knee injury that almost had me quit BJJ for good. Two videos to get you started:

The Lower Extremity Basic List

Basic Upper Body Mobility List

This Blog

Against my own better judgement, I decided to republish some of my older blog posts. They are oftentimes way to know-it-all in tone, which I apologize for – that was the reason I originally took them down. But I still stand by most of the basic ideas in there, so maybe they’ll be helpful to someone.

Final Note

The best materials won’t get you anywhere unless you take action. Don’t fall into the trap of “I have to study this material first, before I can get started.” This is utter Bullshit – get started today, even if you still don’t quite know what you are doing. Talk to a girl on the street. Apply to a job on Texterjobbörse. Pick one mobility exercise from the video and try it. Start to write down a list of daily habits.

None of your initial efforts will be perfect and they don’t have to be. Adjust as you go; perfection comes the longer you DO something – not by reading up on something.

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