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When I’m not doing the digital nomad thing, I am usually back in Munich, studying and daygaming. Here, the daygame can become as much of a chore as the studying: I just don’t like German girls, for the most part. Too plain, too masculine acting, and too boring. There are of course some very pleasant exceptions, but the aforementioned tendencies are definitely there.

So imagine my delight when I was strolling down the street last week and saw a complete, utter stunner of an exotic girl walking by me. I try to avoid the number system, as it is highly subjective anyways, but let me put it like this: I’m out on the streets EVERY day – and I maybe see a girl like this once a month here in Germany. Maybe. She is tall, slender, dressed all in black designer clothes and of course wearing outrageous high heels – my type down to a T. Her face and her hair are so beautiful; for once, I’m glad I’m recording the set.

I open her, and she is actually up for it. She stops and we start talking about the book she just bought; in the course of the conversation, it turns out she also read “Crime and Punishment,” the book I’m currently reading. So she is drop-dead gorgeous AND smart – now that happens to me perhaps once or twice a year. At this point, I’m ready to get down on my knee and propose.

I get one somewhat good sexual spike in at the beginning, calling her out on being too hot for reading these kinds of books, and she reacts strongly to that. Unfortunately, from there on, it starts to slowly go downhill. I do some okay chit-chat, but the longer the set drags on, the more I DLV myself by saying boring, stupid shit. I notice that still in set and manage to turn the spotlight onto her a few more times, which is good, but then always end up talking about myself again. Watching the recording of the set, I was constantly cringing – that’s honestly how bad it got.

Rightfully, when I suggest the instant date, she claims to have a boyfriend, which I don’t think was true. She just opted to not spend another 20-30 minutes with a guy who was already acting more and more pathetic, and I really can’t blame her.

Okay, to end this on a more constructive note: What went well and what should I do differently in the future?

  • As soon as I noticed her, I went for it, and I pretty much always do that now, when I see a girl in that league. I’m proud of that, as I know a lot of PUAs, even some well-known instructors, who talk to a bunch of 6s all day (number system here we go…), but when a true model or porn star level girl comes along, they temporarily turn blind. That’s definitely not a problem of mine, or at least not anymore.
  • Body language and tonality were relatively good; those tend to be my strong points anyways.
  • The big one: I need to incorporate more spikes. I can improvise some on the spot sometimes, but when the girl is a little bit more on the quiet side, I have almost nothing. This is where the assumption stacking of the London guys comes in. The solution, as geeky as it sounds, is that I need to translate some of these “one fits all” spikes into German and memorize them, instead of just freestyling. The freestyling at this point is too random and too weak.
  • I need to talk less, especially less about myself and put the spotlight on her a lot more, without making it sound too much like an interview. So again, more assumptions instead of straightforward questions, even when not spiking.

Well, it’s a process. I just hope it doesn’t take another month to find a girl of this calibre again in Munich… In that context, I can’t wait for Euro jaunt season to start again! In Eastern Europe, you tend to meet this type of girl a lot more often, which is why I will be in Belgrade and St. Petersburg in about 10 weeks!

Alright fellow hunters, until next time.

2 thoughts on “Tunisian Hottie

  1. saw your post on krausers blog and came over here … ncie post man.

    I opened a german blonde girl in London west end and she was so cold dude … if they are like that I don’t blame you for saying its a grind in Germany.

    I think you have isolated the critical moment yourself where you said you did the following “calling her out on being too hot for reading these kinds of books”. This was a mistake dude. You did the inverse of a backhanded compliment, by essentially teasing her about being hot and smart! You actually raised her perceived value through doing this. There is probably more to it than this, but there are often make or break moments in an interaction. Instead you could have gone for a simple but effective tease “you’re such a nerd” or “were you always a geek” … or give her a test based on literature … set her up to fail if possible, then teach her nicely (this is a great frame to set up) 😉 Never compliment a girl on looks mate. Never.

    On using canned ‘spikes’, yes you should have some in your back pocket, but you don’t want to build a reliance on them as they make your game inflexible, better to improvise infield as you are doing, that way you are training your mind to be creative, spontaneous and real infield, this will yield better results long term.

    If you can record the interactions and post the audio at least, would be interested to hear infield footage.


    ps I can send you a list of spikes gratis if you wish if you send me a PM.

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